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"Conversation is a catalyst for innovation." ~ John Seely Brown 

The Conversation Before the Journey

Years of practice have taught us that customer journeys primarily existing within the boundaries of our own organization often yield disappointing results. Often, there simply isn’t enough data to fund really new innovative journeys. This inside-out approach also skewers our view of the world. We often speak of 360 observations, but whose 360? Our view of the customer or the customer’s view of the world?

This realization set us on an expedition beyond the traditional boundaries of our organization to meet employees or customers in new places and new ecosystems. How do we know where these places are or how to create meaningful conversations with them when we meet them? How do we evolve from providing service after a contract to experience before contact?


That’s where the science comes in, and that is what we do. We call this The Conversation Before The Journey (CB4J).

We gather data in the broadest sense to create conversations with new customers, employees, and the people who influence them. 

We have developed GDPR compliant approaches for social listening,  participative narrative inquiry (in-depth interviews), and speech-to-text analysis of service desk and call center interactions. 

Our unique MCQ-AI3 process uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to accelerate a precision process at scale.

Over the past few years, our team has analyzed two billion conversations. We have become good at this. We know how to spark the right conversations at the right time with the right people.

This data provides us with the ruthless truth. Finding out the authentic thoughts of (potential) employees, customers.. and you. 

With your teams, we determine actionable Patterns. These patterns are then used to investigate Possibilities. This is where we use appreciative inquiry to discover, dream, design potential new experiences. These experiences are visceral so that they make others feel good about committing to you. Then we determine the best Pathways to bring the experience to life

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. 

- Margaret Wheatley

 With our customers, we have co-created solutions to generate millions of dollars in new revenue streams and improved employee and customer experiences