"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." 

~ Benjamin Franklin

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Essence of Experience

One-day course introducing the 

Science of Experience

In class, we break down the anatomy of eXperience Level Agreements (XLAs) and introduce The XLA Framework© as well as the Conversation Before the Journey (CB4J). 

Through innovative exercises, we take learners on the journey to see the promise of experience.

Class culminates in a 20 question exam. Successful candidates earn their Essentials of XLA Certification.

Click Here to download a printable sheet.

Earn your XLA Master designation by taking and passing:

Mastering the XLA Framework - This is a 3-day course covering: Identifying Requirements and Designing XLAs.  Class is built upon an example case study, we build XLAs together, using the case study organization.

Mastering Experience Governance - This is a 3-day course covering: Identifying Experience Governance Requirements and Designing Experience Governance. Class is built upon a case study, we build the Experience Governance Model together, using the case study organization.

More details coming soon.

Delivery Options

public Open enrollment training

Looking to only send a few learners, to check all this out? 

Our first global training partner, ITSM Academy have seats in their upcoming XLA classes

Delivered through ITSM Academy's virtual training room so 

you can join from anywhere!

Corporate Onsite training

Please reach out to discuss your requirements.  

We are actively building a network of educators to geographically expand our capabilities. 

That being said, our current team - based out of the US and Europe - 

are happy to travel everywhere!

Become a Training Partner

Interested in bringing the Essence of Experience one day workshop into your training organization?  

We license our courseware to training companies and to qualified enterprises. 

Help us pioneer XLAs anywhere and everywhere!

Additional classes and workshops are in active development! 

Including Mastering the XLA Framework.